How to use it?

Due to the antibacterial covering and 2 levels filter system (active carbon and 13 filters Enzim Hepa with a patent), MiDry provides a hygenical atmosphere by purifying  the  microorganisms and bacterias in the air it blows. Additionally, because of the special aroma existing in its filter reservoir, it gives a refreshing and  very nice scent to its atmosphere. It offers an advantage of low energy consumption for your enterprise, and accordingly low expenses which is remarkably more economical compared to the usage of paper towel. ( It costs about 10 kuruş when 100 user uses it for 10 seconds)

MiDry prevents the floors from becoming wet during the hand dry by keeping the drain water in its water reservoir which is under the appliance. Water reservoir can be easily emptied and cleaned at the end of the day. If the water reservoir becomes full, with the help of the sensor in it, it gives a warning.

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